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by Milo ⌂, Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 08:49 (243 days ago) @ danielb987


So it is more important that the forum is fast to read than it is fast to post.

Yes, your are right. The indexing-process will decelerate the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements but, I believe, it is a quite good compromise.

By adding this index alone, together with the two indexes above which I have added previously, the query in includes/index.inc.php at line 187 went from 1 000 milliseconds to 22 milliseconds! A very huge improvement!

Wow that's more than I expected. Fine.


After these new indexes, the status for me is as follows:

includes/index.inc.php, line 69: about 600 milliseconds

includes/main.inc.php, line 339: about 600 milliseconds

includes/main.inc.php, line 336: about 120 milliseconds

includes/index.inc.php, line 187: about 22 milliseconds
(this was the query that before took over 1 000 milliseconds)

We will take a closer look to this queries and give some suggestions for indexing.


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