How do I upgrade a forum from 2.0 beta 19 ? (General)

by danielb987, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 03:22 (347 days ago)


I'm a new administrator on a forum that has not been updated in ten years and therefore has My Little Forum version 2.0 beta 19.

I'm trying to update the forum but fails. The earliest version I can find is version 2.2 so I tries to upgrade to that version. Since version 2.0 beta 19 doesn't have a menu choice "Update" in the administrator menu, I cannot use the update script. And I cannot run the update script manually because of row 13 in the update script:
"if(!defined('IN_INDEX')) exit;".

So instead I run the SQL update queries manually and upload all the new files, but then I only get a blank web page when I open the link to the forum in the web browser. I don't get any error message, only a blank web page.


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