How do I upgrade a forum from 2.0 beta 19 ? (General)

by Auge ⌂ @, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 10:07 (375 days ago) @ danielb987


I'm a new administrator on a forum that has not been updated in ten years and therefore has My Little Forum version 2.0 beta 19.

Wow, that's really ancient. :-)

I'm trying to update the forum but fails. The earliest version I can find is version 2.2 so I tries to upgrade to that version. Since version 2.0 beta 19 doesn't have a menu choice "Update" in the administrator menu, I cannot use the update script.

The code of the (now old) update script update_2.x-2.3.php says, the oldest, by this script supported version is the 2.0 RC3. When your version has no update function in itself, you can update only by overwriting the files and actualise the database structure by hand (like you did).

And I cannot run the update script manually because of row 13 in the update script:
"if(!defined('IN_INDEX')) exit;".

This is to ensure, that the script is only used within the forum-scripts context.

So instead I run the SQL update queries manually and upload all the new files, …

That's the same, what the update file does. I hope, you took the update.sql as basis for your database changes. This file lists all changes in the database structure since the first beta of 2.0.

… but then I only get a blank web page when I open the link to the forum in the web browser. I don't get any error message, only a blank web page.

Did you delete the content of the directory templates_c?

*btw* I found the version 2.0.2 as oldest available version on the old project hosting site sourceforge.net. But with your by hand actualised software, this should be irrelevant.

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