i add Arabic language with English side by side (Development)

by Auge ⌂, Monday, February 05, 2024, 11:36 (78 days ago) @ Abdulsalam


Its a pleasure to add little thing for that work ,I make translation for ARABIC but i keep it with ENGLISH it works together very fine.

It looks a little bit strange to see the arabic and english menu text sivde by side without any space but well, it's a beginning. Well done. 👍

I would like to mention one opinion to you,,
one thing:-It will be great if you make the text alignment in center so you contain all languages witch is come from [left to right] and some from [right to left] -Or you may put alignment options.

There is a general problem with the current implementation, that affects also your concept. Currently the forum does not explicitely set the text alignment with the exception of elements with a different alignment than the standard. Those definitions are based on latin languages which are written from left to right (as we know).

Since a few years there is a enhancement to text-align, that is "flow related" and so writing direction independent. The (meanwhile not so) new values for text-align are start and end. The use of the value start will automatically result in text-align: left; for languages, written left to right (ltr) and in text-align: right; for languages written from right to left (rtl). The reverse is true for the value end.

This works also with a mix of different languages with different writing directions in one document, if the writing direction is properly defined. That starts with providing the correct value for the key dir (ltr or rtl) in the language files (you forgot until now to set the writign direction rtl in your arabic translation). And it would be an additional task for an author of a posting to set the value for a posting section (i.e. a paragraph) in a language with a different writing direction that it is the default in the specific forum.

The browser support is nearly at 100%.

We aleady did most of the necessary work in the past (see this thread), where we also discussed the start and end values for text-align (at the end of the thread). The latest posting provides the code for a RTL-button (and same way a LTR-button) beside the posting form.

Here is the (lang) file link: Arabic-English for MyLittleForum عربي-إنجليزي لــ
I upload it as a TEXT file

I call it (Arabishعربيز)(

Thank you for providing the translation for the interested audience. I am more interested in an arabic only translation. In my humble opinion, this would be more interesting for a larger audience.

Tschö, Auge

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