i add Arabic language with English side by side (Development)

by Abdulsalam @, Oman, Monday, February 05, 2024, 06:43 (78 days ago) @ Auge

Hi guys..MASTERS,,>> thank you to share us your beautiful minds.
I can see your future vision with lovely project like this. its smart simple and powerful
thank you for that (open_source= "open minds") God BLESS you & guide your steps<<

Its a pleasure to add little thing for that work ,I make translation for ARABIC but i keep it with ENGLISH it works together very fine.
there was many variables bracket in some lines i separate it from Arabic script with × so that the Arabic encoding does not disable the variable codes- Which must be in English encoding or Latino.. it works fine.

Am still working to make it more shorter and organized and hopefully in God willing to finish it with the single Arabic and purify it very soon.

I would like to mention one opinion to you,,
one thing:-It will be great if you make the text alignment in center so you contain all languages witch is come from [left to right] and some from [right to left] -Or you may put alignment options.

Here is the (lang) file link: Arabic-English for MyLittleForum عربي-إنجليزي لــ
I upload it as a TEXT file

I call it (Arabishعربيز)(

My love and respect :ok:

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