Not receiving password reset emails (Technics)

by bers, Friday, May 13, 2022, 08:45 (702 days ago) @ Micha

Sorry for the late reply - I again did not receive a reply notification email.

So you *are* receiving password reminder emails? I still am not.

I got the "I forgot my password" - email, yes.

Interesting, I still don't get a single one. If that matters, my email provider (for throwaway email, let's say) is GMX/, and there was a time of exactly one year where I did not receive email on any of their email addresses from, leading me to hypothesize that they were blocking some stuff. Maybe that is happening here, too.

Do you received a further mail?

Not any more, now. Last one was >2 days ago. But how much can that be relied on when other email is not arriving, either? ;)

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