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by Auge ⌂, Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 11:10 (1874 days ago) @ Jean-Michel2


I noticed that the mail function is no longer working. It worked until recently and I did not upgrade since then. I have two forums (different versions) and they are hosted by the same host, so I guess it is rather linked to the host server.

This might be possible. We changed the e-mail-headers because several forum operators was blocked by their hosters because being suspected to send spam from their forums. But this affects only some but not all cases

I would be glad to log a ticket to them, but what can I say ? What command is MLF using to send emails and is there a possibility that this is being blocked by the server ?

Until now the forum script use the mail function to deliver the e-mails to the systems own mail system (in case of Linux/Unix: sendmail or similar). We want to introduce a SMTP-class as default for MLF2.5 but this only affects versions in and of the future.

server PHP 5.4

I will look into the differences between the e-mail-handling of the versions. By the way and supposable without a relation to the current problem, your PHP-version is definitively outdated. You should upgrade to PHP 7.x (my forum works under PHP 7.2 without problems).

… no mail at all, but also no error message.

We can only see errors of the function mail in itself. We can not see any problems in case of not working e-mail transmission after handing over the e-mail to the e-mail-system with mail.

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