Problems during registration (Technics)

by Auge ⌂, Wednesday, May 09, 2018, 08:18 (1786 days ago) @ Micha


This time I had to remove the stored form data from the browser at the end to be able to register a new user.

I believe, the name of the form element , i.e. the text field name phone, is the problem.

The field "phone" is left empty but "repeat_email" gets my nick name (!) as it's value. That's in itself is weird enough. The obvious problem is the non-emptyness of the field that causes the error message about a missing information.

It seems to be a real honeypot on your local system. ;-)

Which of my local systems? My laptop with Firefox on Linux? My workstation at work with Firefox on Windows 10 (both are affected)? The only untested computer is the one at home … oh and I haven't tested it on my phone. :-)

autocomplete="off" in my HTML5-using-theme because it's my only idea to solve this. I hope that it works.

I don't think so. Maybe, it works for some browsers but it is not a comprehensive solution.

What else is a proper solution?

- A user should use another browser for the registration? No way, noone ever will switch to another browser for a forum registration. And last but not least: What's with the honeypot fields in the posting form? A visitor expects a site to work or she/he will leave the site.
- A user should change the browser settings for storing form content? Even the browser makes this possible without digging in i.e. about:config or chrome://about, the user will hate the forum operator or programmers afterwards because of loss of prefill values for forms and login informations. I do, because I had to create a new password after the action (I have several passwords for several services in my head but not this one (*grml*)). Beside that, I found the setting and menu points to remove stored informations and to switch off the collection of form and search data but even with deactivated collection the present data will be in use until their deletion. One has to know this pitfall.

In short: I expect to be not the only one who activated this setting. So i expect further forum visitors to hit the trap. Most of them will not be able to avoid the trap and to solve the issue in their browser settings. As I said, I have no furter idea. :-(

Tschö, Auge

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