Problems during registration (Technics)

by Auge ⌂, Tuesday, May 08, 2018, 18:05 (1788 days ago)


During the work on the inclusion of a data privacy statement I encountered a serious problem with the registration form – not for the first time (see the third paragraph). My browser, that is allowed to store form input for a later re-use, put data into one of the honeypot fields. That led to the impossibility to register a new user because of the check for the emptyness of the honeypot fields, that must fail now.

Even the attempt to use the attribute autocomplete="off" in several input fields failed. I don't know, if the reason is the assumption of the browser, that the form is a login form (most browsers ignore the attribute in login forms) or if it is due to the fact, that the default template is written in XHTML1 and the attribute does not exist in XHTML.

We discussed this before in the Github-issue #324. At that time I made the exactly same observations but found no reason for it and came to the same conclusions without knowing the reason that caused the problem. This time I had to remove the stored form data from the browser at the end to be able to register a new user.

Even I found the reason and a work around, most other people who will hit this trap, will get lost. We need a solution without blaming the users for their browser configuration. I will test the effect of autocomplete="off" in my HTML5-using-theme because it's my only idea to solve this. I hope that it works. If so, we should change also the default theme to HTML5 to be able to use this and also further new features.

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