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by Micha ⌂, Friday, April 20, 2018, 10:35 (2186 days ago) @ Auge


If I understand your words, this is the comparision to decide if the new values (version number and date) should be stored in the temp-settings-table?

Yes, but I think, we can skip this part because only two SQL statements must be applied a day. This is not a performance issue. ;-)

It seems wrong to me if the value get's compared with (only?) the installed version

The user like to know, if the installed version becomes outdated.

What, if the installed version is not part of the feed?

The time is set to zero and $updateDateOfActualVersion > $updateDateOfInstalledVersion becomes true. This is not a problem.

In the actual situation all versions, that are to old to be part of the feed can't check the version, so now it's not a problem.

You are wrong. If the installed version is e.g. 1.0.0 and outside the feed content, the condition returns true, because of the first statement in

if ($lastVersion != $currentVersion && ...

With an additional check against the last version from temp_infos we have not to do this by default …

If we remove the condition, a sql update is preformed. If we add the values from the 'temp_infos' table, we need a further sql select. In total, the number of sql queries are on the same size.

… but the idea to use INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is in general worth.

worth to what? Remember, this statement runs ones a day.


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