Intergration into Drupal / Wordpress (General)

by alex., Friday, September 08, 2006, 16:16 (5053 days ago)

I'm considering using Drupal/Wordpress for my homepage., I wonder if it (easily) possible to have some PlugIns to mlf in those seetings? Because when I look on all the other Forumplugins it is just shocking, as a happy mlf user since years. Anyone ideas / tips? Thanks in advance.

@Alex, i think something like this would boost the use of your little forum.


Drupal + My Little Forum is a great idea

by Dublin Drupaller @, Saturday, September 09, 2006, 13:22 (5052 days ago) @ alex.

Hi Alex,

I'm working on just that...i.e. integrating mlf into's quite a bit of work and I won't get it done will be a week or two at least.

I've done a bit of digging and I think the best scenario is to have MLF using the Drupal user database and it bolts on seamlessly.

Just thought I'd mention that I think it's a great idea....will post back up here if I make any progress.


Drupal + My Little Forum is a great idea

by alex., Thursday, September 14, 2006, 08:44 (5047 days ago) @ Dublin Drupaller

Hi Dub,

good stuff, thumbs up!


using the Drupal user tables..

by Dublin Drupaller @, Thursday, September 14, 2006, 09:06 (5047 days ago) @ alex.

» good stuff, thumbs up!

No worries Alex.

Just wondering if you know how to use the Drupal user tables....redirecting login and register links is okay and simple enough..but, it's telling the mylittle forum to use drupals 'user' table that's a little more tricky.

Any ideas on that front?


using the Drupal user tables..

by alex., Thursday, September 21, 2006, 01:19 (5040 days ago) @ Dublin Drupaller

sorry, no idea. good luck! :)

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