Is there any possibility to add an emoji for every post? (Features)

by AcceptSocket, Saturday, January 16, 2016, 09:43 (1637 days ago)


Hi! First of all, thank you very much for all developers/contributors of this fabulous forum. I like this style of forum very much.

Actually, I wrote a very similar forum by myself many years ago and it is very similar to this. But my code is not very elegant and robust, so I emigrated my data to this forum.

However, there are features of my forum which my users are already used to, so I added them to mtf too.

Again, because I hacked into the code, these features I added are not so stable and sometimes doesn't work (for example they can only work in threaded view, not tabular view).

I think some of features are fairly good. So I post a screenshot here. If you think these features are worthy adding, I will be very happy and grateful for that.

1. Since mtf is for small group of people discussing, I think it will be good to let people get info as convenient as possible, so I add an instant preview function whenever you hover mouse on post subjects, and when there is a mouseleave event triggered, the preview disappear.

2. I put some emoji in a directory inside mlf folder, when a user want to write a new post, all emojis in that directory will be listed above the textbox, and he/she can choose one and only one emoji to be assigned to this post, and this emoji will show just ahead subject of articles in the main page.

If future versions of mtf could add these features, or moreover, add these features and let there be triggers to turn them on and off. That will be very good.

Anyway, I understand this is a free open source app and no one have duty to add features I asked. That's why I hacked into the code to add these features by myself. And I am very grateful for your work. However, I still have a dream that maybe one day I can get these features out of box and stable in futures version, hence this post.

Thank for your reading and patience. Cheers! :)

Is there any possibility to add an emoji for every post?

by Jean-Michel H, Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 10:29 (1633 days ago) @ AcceptSocket

Hey man,

Just to say that your improvement looks great and funny. Don't know if they will take your suggestion;no big evolution seems to be in the pipeline for some time.


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