Update from Version 2.0 beta 26 to recent version (Bugs)

by Michael Geiger @, Monday, July 27, 2009, 10:31 (3863 days ago)

Good afternoon alltogether,

as there was no reply to my first thread about backup problems (10.0 MB max size bug), I would like to upgrade my forum to find out if this "bug" does then exist any more.


1) Which version should I update to from the 2.0 beta 26?
2) We did a lot of customizing with all templates, colours and designs. Will these be kept completely when updating to the suggested version?
3) I will make a backup from the whole forum before updating via FTP. Is there anything I should consider in case that the update fails and I need to restore the old forum via FTP?

Any support and help is highly apprechiated!

Best regards,
Michael Geiger

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