Hi at all from Switzerland (General)

by Raphael, Saturday, October 27, 2007, 00:26 (5110 days ago)


I'm new here, and maybe I can help a little bit. I living in a little village in Switzerland I Develop Websits (non professional) sience four years. My programming language experience is HTML/CSS PHP and a bit MySQL. I have Mac Windows and Linux Mashins and a load of different Browsers.

I have Open Source experiences. I'm a tester from ObenOffice.org and working at the moment at the MacOSX Aquatic Version.

I have found a Open Source Project too. It's a Software for assosiassions. I can immage, to integrate this Software as modul. The License are compatible (both GPL)

So, thats all for the moment. Now I wish a good collaboration. and ask mi if you have the Questions.

If you like to write me a PM, my prefered language is German. But you can write in english too.


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