Proposal to remove the select-field-based pagination (Development)

by Auge ⌂, Monday, November 21, 2022, 13:19 (545 days ago)


Yesterday I proposed on Github to remove the select-field-based pagination from the overview pages. Because not many people look into the Github-issues, I want to ask here for opinions and would like to explain this proposal a little further.

The general rationale has already been given in the Github-issue. Long story short: all pages with a possible pagination does that with a link list. Only the forum overview pages does have a select-field-based pagination.

This functionallity is inconsistent in comparison to the other pages with pagination. It is a remnant of MLF1. Additionally it is not very convinient to use because of the only ten to eighteen provided options. Yes, also the pagination shows ony a few direct links but this is IMHO changeable in a more consistent way (one similar change to all paginations).

To say that: both features are "hackable" with a manual change of the URL in the browsers address line, putting the wanted page number as value to the URL-parameter page.

It is clear to me, that for most users the pagination is not a big thing. The users/visitors find the current conversations on the first page or the first few pages of a forum. For me it's a question of consistency and cleaning up of the code base.

Now I want to ask here for opinions and known experience of forum users and visitors with the navigation through the forum overview pages. Does anyone use the select-field exclusive to navigate through the overview pages? Is here someone who would miss this feature when the select field on the top of the page would get replaced with a link list, that already exist at the bottom of the overview pages?

Tschö, Auge

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