I was going to update to the latest version but (General)

by Rennie, Friday, June 03, 2022, 15:29 (690 days ago)

I have installed a previous version of the forum software and I normally use my android tablet in portrait mode when browsing my own MLF forum and granted objects are smaller than this official MLF forum we're on now but at least things fitted on the page.

On this official forum now it cuts off the boxes on the right when creating a new topic. I have to pinch and zoom out now but then the banner at the top doesn't look right

Official MLF Forum


Official MLF Forum Zoomed Out To Standard View



I was going to update to the latest version but

by Auge ⌂, Friday, June 03, 2022, 16:31 (690 days ago) @ Rennie


This is an issue, that I myself never encountered. Many thanks to you for the report.

With the new versions, beginning with 20220508.1, we started the transformation to more modern HTML (former known as HTML5). This process started with the definition of the change of the document type definition and the meta element, that gives the forum a better scalability. From version to version we are working not only on bugfixes and features but also on the further transformation of the default theme.

Yes, there are many problems to solve. The changes from version to version affects typically a predefined section. As first I altered the page header, then the general structure of the pages main section but I've not dug very deep into the thousands of views, linke for example the posting form. I'll have a look into the issue.

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