A warning for myself: I missed a change in 2.4.14 😒 (Bugs)

by Auge ⌂, Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 13:54 (719 days ago)


Last week I asked a question about the notifications about replies when deleting a user account. My assumption was, that the column mlf2_entries.email_notification got not into account for cleaning when deleting a user account. I found this to be true and changed the code in the function deleteUser to take the column into account.

Today I learned (again), that the column mlf2_entries.email_notification got removed with the introduction of the more flexible subscriptions feature a long time ago with version 2.4.14 as discussed and implemented in PR #399. So I ask myself, why the heck I found the column email_notification in the entries table of a testing forum, that was definitely installed with a newer version than 2.4.14.

Result of the recherche: I removed the column mlf2_entries.email_notification in the update script with version 2.4.14 but I only removed with version 2.4.22 from the SQL-script for the installation. That means, that all forums, that was installed with versions up to 2.4.21 will have this column. Additionally I found the column also in the SQL-script for installations because I splitted the 2.5-development from the 2.4.x-branch with version and never transferred the fix from 2.4.22 to the 2.5-development branch.

I will fix this issue within short time. 😒

Tschö, Auge

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