Slow forum access, a few thoughts for a discussion (Technics)

by Auge ⌂ @, Sunday, March 19, 2017, 21:13 (341 days ago) @ Otto Tuil


Because of Otto's report and further observations about this forum loading slow, I began to control the database queries in the files from the directory includes. The check is not finished yet. Because I work on the software not for one complete year, I don't know every "dark corner" of the code. Thatswhy I have several questions.

To quieten Otto because of the lot of database queries, most of them are useful and often you'll find groups of queries where only one of them get's executed on one page request. That's not a very elegant code notation but it's no problem. But I also found several queries which are questionable to me.

I found blocks to read, delete and rewrite the cached version of the user data (namely the signature) in the entry.inc.php (line #307 ff.) and the thread.inc.php (line #189 ff.). Is there a reason for the behaviour to check for a cached version of the signature and create one if necessary in scripts, that only should read these data? I expect the signature only to be editeable in the users own edit form and in the user edit form for the admins. Why not creating the cached version when editing the users data and only then? Do the cached data expire so it is necessary to recreate them from time to time? If not, the code is IMHO useless.

There are update queries for the user data, i.e. in the login.inc.php (line #151 ff.) but not only there. When storing the time of the last login, logout and the users IP of this session a few further columns will be updated with their current values because of the table definitions. That's ok even it is improvable. But why the heck the columns language, time_zone and theme gets updated? There should be no change of the values during the login process. Is there any reason for it?

Maybe we can begin with removing unnecessary code to make executing of the forum scripts faster. Therefore we need sureness about questionable code parts.

Tschö, Auge

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