Option to "sticky" thread to just it's individual category (Features)

by Magma @, Sunday, March 19, 2017, 07:26 (1164 days ago)

I would very much like the option to 'sticky' threads to only it's individual category instead of it showing up in 'all categories' and also to 'sticky' threads globally.

For example, say I want to 'sticky' a gaming related news thread to the top of the gaming category but it's not important enough, and I don't want it to show up on the homepage 'all categories'. I want to keep 'all categories' for just 'sticky' site wide news.

Also at the moment if you post an important 'sticky' thread people who have chosen to filter categories in their 'edit profile' 'my category selection' most probably won't see it unless you post the exact same 'sticky' thread in every single category.

So it would be nice to have three options to 'sticky' to

- Individual category (just pinned to one category not to 'all categories' category)
- Individual and Homepage category (pinned to it's category and shows on the 'all categories' category
- Globally (pinned to every category and to 'all categories' category)

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