Slow forum access / database too large (Technics)

by Otto Tuil @, Netherlands, Saturday, March 18, 2017, 13:24 (343 days ago)

Hi all,

My forum has currently more than 200,000 entries. It sill runs nicely, but I noticed that the performance is slowly degrading. After contact with my web host he replied by saying that there are a lot of database queries. It looks like there is a query:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM mlf2_entries WHERE pid = 0 AN

every time a user accesses the forum. I guess that is for the calculation of the amount of entries and the number of pages. He was wondering if that amount of queries are necessary, because it takes a lot of resources. Is there is for instance a possibility to calculate the total number of entries only once a day, and keep a daily counter for the new entries after the last calculation? Or perhaps there are other ways to speed up the database?

Otto (Holland)

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