How do I change the colors of My Litte Forum? (Design/Themes)

by Auge ⌂, Friday, March 17, 2017, 13:00 (1888 days ago) @ danielb987


Some of the users of my forum have trouble to see the difference between "visited links" and "non visited links" on the forum and need a greater contrast. So I need to change at least one of the colors.

Look for a.read:visited for registered and logged in users and for a.thread:visited, a.thread-sticky:visited, a.thread-sticky-locked:visited, a.thread-locked:visited, a.threadnew-sticky:visited, a.threadnew-sticky-locked:visited, a.threadnew-locked:visited, a.threadnew:visited, a.reply:visited and last, but not least for a.replynew:visited.

As you see, it's a mess that needs a rework. The classes addresses the different icons in front of the links. This complicated system was introduced to support IE6 because this s*** of a browser did not support several classes for one element.

I have looked at the files style.css and style.min.css in the folder themes\default but I'm not sure where to change. Is #00c the color to change in order to change the color of visited links? Which color has non visited links?

In the default template the visited links get the colour #007. Unvisited links (a[.optional-classname]:link) get the colour #00c (or #0000cc).

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