Suggestion of new feature: Moderation of users (Features)

by danielb987, Friday, March 17, 2017, 12:09 (2620 days ago)

A nice feature of the forum is to be able to be able to moderate postings of some users. On my forum, there are a few users that continues to misbehave. Today, my options are to either accept it and remove postings when I read them, or to block the user from posting at all.

I would like a third option. If an user that misbehaves post an entry, I would like to read that posting and decide what to do before the posting get public. Then I log in to the forum, I would like to see a list of new topics to moderate, to either accept or deny the entries.

Most of the users know how to behave, so it's only a couple of users that I would use this for.

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