Consultation about the name in bold font (Design/Themes)

by Auge ⌂, Monday, February 27, 2017, 11:37 (1905 days ago) @ Solis


In the forum index page, the user name in bold font is too thick

I want use the normal font for the user name. But I can't find the codes for it.

Take a look into the HTML source code. You'll see, that the user name is a child of a <strong>-element.

an unregistered user:


a registered user:

<strong><span class="registered_user">Solis</span></strong>

a moderator:

<strong><span class="mod registered_user" title="Moderator">Auge</span></strong>

Because of the possibility of appearance of the element <strong> in different places the safest way is to only alter the rules for <strong> in the thread list. The rule ul.thread strong { font-weight: normal; } should do the job.

You can change the CSS-rules in the default template or you create and modify an own theme (copy the default theme with a new directory name and change the CSS-code there). Be aware of coming changes in the default template. It can cause your changes to disappear if you modify the default template. With a new theme you don't loose your changes but you have to import the changes of the default template into your theme in the case of a software update.

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