Advice Needed https going to a different site (General)

by Magma @, Sunday, January 22, 2017, 14:27 (1710 days ago)

Hi guys, I noticed recently that if I use https instead of http before my domain somebody else's website shows up, it's a loan company. All the page links on this website show as my domain but with https in front. I certainly don't want nothing to do with this website.

I contacted my hosting company and they say I would need a SSL certificate to stop this happening? I don't have or plan to buy a SSL certificate for my forum, I don't see the point.

Not being a website techie am I right to say to the hosting company that:

"It's my domain, whether I put http or https in front, it should still go to my website either with a warning of invalid certificate or to an error page. It should definitely not be going to a different company's website"

I'm confused as to how this is even allowed?

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