When will be the new version 2.4? (Bugs)

by Auge ⌂ @, Thursday, January 19, 2017, 07:50 (1733 days ago) @ Solis

1. If you will launch the new version 2.4 recently, I can wait for it. Otherwise, now I use the 2.3.7.

With the last changes I ran into a few bugs. Thatswhy and because of the real life, christmas and the turn of the year three weeks ago the work stagnated.

2. In the 2.3.7, when I use a name in Chinese, Sometimes the system say:

The user name contains invalid characters

Sorry, but how often you want to report this bug? It's solved for the new version. We told it implicit in Milo's entry from october 2016 and explicit in my entry from november 2016. This should be enough, shouldn't it?

Could you tell me, how can I solve this problem?

Search for the function contains_special_characters in the file include/functions.inc.php (anywhere between the lines 2500 and 2700). Replace the line

  if(preg_match("/([[:cntrl:]]|\255)/", $string)) return true; // control characters and soft hyphen


  if(preg_match("/([[:cntrl:]]|\p{Cf})/u", $string)) return true; // control characters and soft hyphen

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