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by Solis ⌂ @, China, Xinjiang, Sunday, December 04, 2016, 12:13 (1142 days ago) @ Auge

Thanks for your help. Coz my English is poor, I write to you in simple English. ( I can speak only in Chinese and Esperanto.)

1. Yes, we write Chinese from left to right, as you write English.

2. Yes, in the normal chinese text, there are no spaces before and after the punctuation marks. In the text, the mark have the same location with the chinese ideogram.

3."、" is not a letter, it is a punctuation mark. In the chinese, it's name is 顿号 [dùn hào]. It's a slight-pause mark used to set off items in a series; used between parallel words or short phrases. if you can read the german, you can visit the page https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aufz%C3%A4hlungskomma

4. Can you read chinses in your computer? if not, you can download the free chinses font from here:

Thanks you very much, and I must say, the my little forum is the best forum which I used.

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