Bug on the message in Chinese, a few questions (Bugs)

by Auge ⌂ @, Monday, November 21, 2016, 17:34 (1154 days ago) @ Solis


When I submit the message in Chinese, the system always tell me:

First question: Where you received the error message? Was it in your own installation or here in the project forum? If it is your own forum, you can increase the value of the setting word_max_length. But I am at all not convinced, that this is a bug.


The box on top (#1) contains the error message with the too long word. The text seems not to have any spaces, when I compare it to the first two lines of text in the textarea in the box #2. There seems to be bigger gaps between the characters. This might be related to the used font, but I can't evaluate it.

Are there spaces " " between the words? Do chinese spaces differ from the spaces in western/latin based character systems?

Tschö, Auge

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