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This is what the FF person sent me:

I can reproduce the problem in a new profile. As far as I can tell, Firefox sends the identical information to the server: same referring page address, same cookies (of course, the session cookie itself and last visit time are different), on both my old profile and the new profile. That's why it's so puzzling that the server responds with a different page.
I don't see any progress toward a fix over on the My Little Forum forum, but it was just reported yesterday: http://mylittleforum.net/forum/index.php?mode=thread&id=8967
(This forum is open source, but trying to read PHP makes me soooo tired.)

It's not nice to blame someone else for the misbehaviour of a (IMHO) misfeature of my software (Firefox).

Has anyone looked into this issue? Would really appreciate some feedback or is there another place to report bugs?

In general, you are at the right place for the first step. I looked into it and the only thing I saw, that points to the wrong pages, was the crappy prefetching "feature" of Firefox. As I disabled it, the bug was gone.

The prefetching should load one (or some?) pages into the browser cache in the hope, that you will open one of these pages in the next step. The advantage: the preloaded page will load faster. The harm: aside from privacy aspects and uncalled traffic, in our case the preloaded pages are exactly the ones, that are shown after clicking the "back to forum index" or the "actualise" button.

As said before, after disabling the … ahem … "feature" I didn't observe this misbehaviour again. On the other side, this "feature" is not a brand new "feature" [1]. Anything changed in the latest versions of Firefox. The bug appears in my Firefox after the update from version 45.0.2 to version 47.0.

At this moment I see no solution for the problem on the side of mlf. On the other hand it's no solution to point your users to disable the prefetching. It's easy to do it, but your users will get a warning that will discourage many of them.

I will investigate …

Tschö, Auge

[1]: I found a guide to disable the feature from the year 2007.

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