Mozilla Navigation Problem (Bugs)

by lfry @, Sunday, June 19, 2016, 20:57 (1242 days ago) @ hintersatz

I do not know is the answer to both questions. I am a hardware engineer not an IT guy. Normally before I retired I would have called IT and they would have handled it. Now, I have to rely on the good will of others to help with a bug. If there is another place that I should post a bug report I will be happy to do so. I have reported it on FF and you saw their response. I wish I could get the developers on both sides to look at it and figure out what is wrong and fix it. Both programs are great programs and are used by more technical people that any other browser of forum generator that is in the commercial world. At least I get a response from someone on here which is more than I can say for MS or other well known commercial enterprises.

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