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by Alfie ⌂, Vienna, Austria, Monday, December 15, 2014, 16:43 (2710 days ago) @ Auge

Hi Auge,

An article (in german language) …

Amazing reading matter!

Some HTML-construction in the forum software is only necessary to give old browsers access to some form of CSS-formatting. For newer browsers wich supports CSS-3-features the HTML and the CSS could be some bits simpler at many places.

As long as the functionality is not affected – which IMHO shouldn’t be the case – I don’t see a good reason to keep the old stuff.

I know that some installations have many visitors with old browsers (e.g. because of their companies environment).

Yep. I see XP still at many places. Last one: The Airport of Amman/Jordan.

On the other hand, the support of Windows-XP ended on april the 9th 2014. Is this an issue nowadays?

Actually it is beyond my intellectual reach why some IT-gurus (you know: beard, sneakers, lumberjack shirt) resist in leaving a vulnerable OS behind. There is one exception: “Homebrew”-software which will be very expensive to migrate. In this case it would mean not only an investment in hardware running e.g. Win7+. The alternative of staying with old in-house software is nasty. I would not love to roll-out virtual PCs / Windows XP Mode for thousand of clients in a company.

Or should we leave the old crap behind us?

Yes. The question arises about how far can / should one go? I think that full-fledged HTML5/CSS3 would be too much.
Maybe we should start a survey amongst admins – having an eye especially on IE.
As you know my forum is not representative since many users come form developing countries. My current IE-stats:
6 (1.4%), 7 (5.5%), 8 (8.4%), 9 (4.6%), 10 (2.2%), 11 (0.011%). Seems that Win8.1 is not too popular yet. I had just 1.1% requests from mobile devices.

Alfie (Helmut Schütz)
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