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by Auge ⌂, Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 09:08 (3560 days ago) @ Michael


Can anybody tell me how I could order the posts in a category? I want to order by importance so I need a manual way.

To clarify: Do you mean postings (single messages) or do you mean threads (a set of messages i.e. as questions and answers)?

What is your criterion to decide the importance of a posting or a thread? There is no built in like- or dislike-function.

I found a Move command but I could not figure out how it works.

With the move command you can declare a posting, a part of a thread or a whole thread as child of a specific posting.

As an example: The test messages in this forum every now and then, often from a mystic user named asdf, should be pinned to the thread Test Thread (Sandbox). I will open the test message, klick the move-link, answer the question to move the posting, the posting whith it's answers or the whole thread, tell the script the ID of the target posting (in this case the 2677) and start the action with a button klick. The test message will now appear as an answer to the opening posting of the named test thread.

I would also like to order the categories,

This is a function in the admin area. Search there for the term categories. As first you'll see a list with your categories with buttons to order. Nothing you can miss.

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