duplicate forum folder in the same host and sql. Help (General)

by edogram, Monday, March 10, 2014, 11:38 (1468 days ago)


I have a question,

Is it possible to copy and paste ( duplicates a folder in same parent directory ) like 10 my little forum folder inside the same host.???

and The mail site example www.xxx.com will be plain containing the links to all the forums.


Discussion forum

www.xxx.com/games ( Game forum )
www.xxx.com/smathphones ( Smartphone )
www.xxx.com/Politic ( discussion forum)

the above will continue in the same format, and each will take you down to a new forum. Base on that If the above is possible will the registeration database accept a single registeration for all the forums or deferent registeration for each of them?

Kindly explain. Or if there are any other way to do it. Thanks


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