this forum calls for urgent improvement (General)

by edogram, Saturday, March 08, 2014, 21:26 (1470 days ago)
edited by Auge, Monday, March 10, 2014, 20:17

hello programers,

First of all i want to think you guys for a very lite and simple little forum as this. But there are some improvement i would really like you guys to add.

1, Like button, to like a particular post.

2, Rate button, to rate low or high (0-100% )a particular post.

3, new unread post, example if you have comment in a thread already so there should be a button next time you visit to take you down to the page where you last stop reading it. To continue from there.

4. Follow button, to follow a member e.g all the posts and activities of the member will be notice by the followers

5, subscribe button to subscribe to a category, Or thread

6. Front page, frontpage Is news headline where only the hot or best topic will be display. The admin or moderator can only have the power to put thread of front page. The rest thread should remain in there category. Only hot thread that can attract traffic should by allow by moderator to go or hit the front page.

7. A nice custom themes to install

8. The whole quoted text should have dark highlighted background. So that it should be deferent front actual post.

9. The members currently viewing this thread. The members name and numbers of guest Should display at the bottom.

although, This forum software is really fast and I like it.

Can you guys approve on this:-D

Thanks to see for yourself visit this forum

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