I fixed that a long time ago ;) (Features)

by Bubba @, Monday, November 25, 2013, 01:04 (2384 days ago) @ Micha

I couldn't believe they deprecated target in the first place, that was very short sighted of the consortium and done with a lot of protest from developers.

Adding the link target was the easy part, as I posted in my response to the main topic, it took about 10 minutes to figure out and complete, making that post took far longer. That's why I don't think it needs to be feature. Working out the iframe issues took a couple of hours but wasn't all that difficult either, you just need to be thorough ;-)

The code is laid out logically and it's well organized and commented, I've done a lot of customization and it's always been pretty easy. Kudos to everyone on the development team :-)

For the benefit of anyone that got this far looking for answers on working from within an iframe, I'll add the following. You will need make several other changes to the forum code and your website to get the forum operating correctly in an iframe. But that's not the point of this thread so I won't go into the particulars here ;-)

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