Is it possible to transfer my forum to another site? (Technics)

by Rövarn ⌂ @, Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 11:47 (1558 days ago) @ gourou gougounne
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I made a backup of my forum. Is it possible to transfer my forum to another site? If so, how do we proceed?

Thank you to answer me. :-)

Gourou Gougounne

Yes it's possible

Don't backup the entire forum, make backups on each section exept "Settings", the setting backup restores url's which not would work on the new site. Now download your backups.

Install my Little forum on the new site, upload your backups you have from the old site to "backup" folder on the new site then restore from the admin area in MLF. Change the forum settings manually as they was on the old site.

This should work

When I take backups or transfer big databases from one site to Another I use MySqldumper which handles big sql files and you can choose which tables to restore from a full backup. A little bit more work but more useful.

Good luck!

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