Multiple categories per topic (Features)

by grognard ⌂ @, Monday, August 26, 2013, 12:43 (2337 days ago)

Sorry to spam your forum with lots of new threads today. :-)

I am often mistaken, but it looks like you can not assign a topic/post to more than one category at once? I do not enable tag cloud etc. So using categorical sorting is the main way to organize content.

I ask because I intend to use mlf for play by post rpg and one of the great things I find with other forum solutions is the ability to filter by category ie. GM, player, playerdeath, playerxp, ooc etc, playerturn1, playerturn1ooc etc. By attaching to multiple categories I can then in the future quickly and easily filter the content to review certain things without spending ages scrolling through superflous posts.

This is just my example, I am sure there are many other types of content that would benefit from multiple categories?

If this feature is possible, could someone explain how? If not, could we maybe see it as a future feature, or perhaps something I could mod in myself with some help?

edit: I guess I could add my own tags to posts and rely on the search function to filter content but it is not ideal. :-)

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