Most “viewers” = bots (Technics)

by Alfie ⌂ @, Vienna, Austria, Sunday, August 25, 2013, 12:22 (1644 days ago) @ gourou gougounne
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Hi Gourou Gougounne!

What you told me, I already know is that I want to know if there is an application to trace the IP of visitors who watch the forum. If they do not write, it is rather difficult to see their IP.

[…] I will look at the gadgets on the web to see if there is not one that would Geolocator ip visitors.

Can you elaborate a little on what you actually want to achieve? If have MaxMind’s GeoLite Country implemented in my forum (no big deal). Since the IP and resolved country is only visible to mods/admins see here for the last 20 posts (which is public). IMHO, this makes only sense to geolocate posts. Of course you could query the forum’s useronline_table, but in my experience at least 90% of “viewer’s” IPs resolve to search engines. You would have to built up a – probably large – table on your own in order to exclude their address-ranges. Good luck for Google & Co’s server-farms.

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