Can we embedd a video in the post? (General)

by Auge, Tuesday, May 08, 2007, 14:23 (5247 days ago) @ Alfie


Is there a way to embedd a video (mpeg, wmv etc) in a post so that when people open a post, the video plays automatically ?

Although - theoretically - it would be possible to embed video by means of the <object> tag (search for 'Object'), it rarely works satisfactory (you simply cannot assume a user will have the player/codec installed).

It is possible as a link. In this way there should be no problems.

I would like to put videos in a post, but I want the video to play automatically when people open the post.

For me this would trigger my shortening reaction (I would never expect this in a forum).

If it is loaded and played automatically, I would left the forum for ever. But as a link it is o. k., I think.

... and primarily the database structure (you have a lot of space and traffic handy?)
Hint: BLOB (MEDIUMBLOB = 16 MB / entry)

Why this? Put it in a directory and link only the path to the file in the database.

Tschö, Auge

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