Embeding forum in to css frameset (Design/Themes)

by grognard ⌂ @, Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 19:37 (2550 days ago)

So .. most of the sites using mylittleforum are using css framesets with a wrapper and the usual pagoda of div tags for content containers.

I have been wondering how to embed mylittleforum in to a div e.g. content of my website like this? I have my wrapper set up with my sections prepped ie. logo, header, nav, content, footer etc. All looks good with css in dreamweaver but how do I put the forum in to the content div? I'm new to web design and still learning - I figured it would be as simple as putting the contents of index.php from my forum install in to the content dov but that obviously doesnt work. :-D

I have read that this forum is easy to embed in this fashion, but I don't understand what part of the mylittleforum I have to call. Since it uses a php index to call all the other forum stuff, just looking at the code of my forum index doesn't really help. :-(

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