Possible, but not a good idea (Features)

by mkjjj, Thursday, September 27, 2012, 14:28 (2803 days ago) @ mkjjj


I changed line 2666 in functions.inc.php from

$result = @mysql_query("SELECT user_name, user_email FROM ".$db_settings['userdata_table']." WHERE email_contact = 1", $connid);


$result = @mysql_query("SELECT user_name, user_email FROM ".$db_settings['userdata_table']." WHERE email_contact = 1 AND new_posting_notification = 1 AND user_type = 0", $connid);

It seems to work fine for users. They can switch the notification on and off. Admin and Mods won't get two notifications (they would without the user_type condition).

Would be nice to have this as a standard feature. RSS feeds are great, but not an option for a forum that is not public. In this case it might be important for non-admins to get a notification for each new posting.


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