email new entries for all users? (Features)

by novacultura @, Friday, August 10, 2012, 09:10 (2851 days ago) @ Martin de oude

Hi Martin,
sorry, I did not understand what you did with your website :-(
What is the advantage for people who do not want to log in to a site every day and recieve emails instead? Would your techology help. I would be grateful for any further explanation.

The RSS is no real solution, because it requires the forum to be open for all. The forum I am trying to establish is a quite restricted group of people who are not really used to dealing with IT - in fact some of them are afraid of it :-D . So it must be really easy by every means.

Is is really so difficult to give all users the right to recieve emails on new entries?
The only alternative I see at the moment is to give them all the status as "moderators" which would give them the right to erase threads etc.. and no one of them wants to take that risk ...

Any other ideas?
Thanks a lot

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