Smilies once more (Features)

by Ralph & Sandra ⌂ @, Frankfurt, Germany, Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 12:11 (2889 days ago)

I have done my best to read all the postings I could find on the subject, but found nothing directly pertinent to my problem. And I admit that I have a forum which is quite old, but would appreciate it if you don't just say, "please upgrade and try again..."

I am actually quite inactive on my homepage in general, but the forum remains as a possiblity for people not to feel cut off. Recently, I saw that the smiles no longer appear.

I am of course willing to enter the smiley codes manually if I can find them somewhere, a screen hardcopy or similar would do. But if you see something blatant on my forum which might be causing the error please let me know! As it is, the :smileynames: do irritate a bit when they don't work.

And keep up your great work with a great product.

All the best,
Ralph (& Sandra)

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