Assume User is Sign In Already, Drop Extra Features.... (Features)

by IMC Magazine, Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 06:50 (3222 days ago) @ IMC Magazine

I'm looking at what my needs/wants for my specific project are...

All I want is the posting page to use an existing Username from the session_start()- I already have a session started with User Data, such as Username, User Id.

Eliminate the Login Page, I have my own Login Page.

Add a "Page Header" to all pages of the "little forum", my script does this:
include 'header.php';
echo $head_data; // Various scripts and CSS Styles
echo $body_tag; // Kinda important, I have my own <body> tag I use.
echo $body_data; // This is a Top Bar Menu, Very important I need this on every page.

Anyone involved in this "little forum" project that can address my needs EMail me.
We can work out compensation for your efforts.


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