Timezone bug? (Bugs)

by Alfie ⌂ @, Vienna, Austria, Thursday, April 26, 2007, 15:34 (5329 days ago) @ Alex
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Here is an explanation. ;-)

Yes, but the differences are not integers. To quote your source:
The 27° N latitude passes back and forth across time zones in South Asia. Pakistan: +5, India +5:30, Nepal +5:45, India (Sikkim) +5:30, China +8:00, Bhutan +6:00, India (Arunachal Pradesh) +5:30, Myanmar +6:30. This switching was more odd in 2002, when Pakistan enabled Daylight Saving Time. Thus from west to east, time zones were: +6:00, +5:30, +5:45, +5:30, +8:00, +6:00, +5:30 and +6:30.

The time difference option in the user settings is there in order that you can see when a message was posted at your local time if the forum time is different to your local time.

See this post in the German Forum.

In my profile the time-difference is set to '0', the server sits in Germany (D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen), my clock shows 17:34 and the post shows up with the timestamp 16:34. Maybe the server slept over the daylight saving time.

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