Difference between v1.7 and v2.0 ?? (General)

by needhelp338 @, Sunday, April 22, 2007, 21:15 (5263 days ago) @ Alex

4) Version 2.0 has a new display called BOARD VIEW (linear table), and MIX VIEW (table with message trees)

The other way around: since version 2 I tried to do it without the different views because I think these different views are more confusing than helpful (see also here). Above all there are already enough bulletin boards. ;-)



The version I am using has only BOARD view and THREAD view. That's all I need, and it works so beautifully, people can switch between the two modes easily.

So for me, just the BOARD view and the THREAD view is all I need. The MIX view is actually quite confusing.

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