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by mlf_fan, Saturday, April 21, 2007, 21:18 (5264 days ago) @ Alex

wow didn't expect such a quick reply.

Good idea! So far this is done by the browser history so an own mechanism for doing this would be necessary (e.g. cookie based). I'll think about it.

I've done the code, using a comma delimited cookie when viewing multithreads. Then when in index or entry exploding the cookie and changing the class if tids match. The only problem is I couldn't work out how modify smarty to show it. :(

There's just one line to change if you want to do it by yourself:
includes/, line 92:


if(isset($child_array)) $tree[] = tree($entrydata['tid'], $child_array);


if(isset($child_array)) $tree[] = tree($entrydata['id'], $child_array);

thanks i'll try this

One thing I changed on my board, that others may find helpful is the headers sent. Before my board sent a no-store cache header, i think this may be default in php. In firefox if you browse a post then click back you loose your original scroll position, plus if you're writing a post and accidentally navigate off the page when you press back your post has disappeared.

To change the header open php.ini and change 'session.cache_limiter' to equal nothing, restart web server. Then add to the top of index.php

header("Cache-Control: store, no-cache, must-revalidate, post-check=0, pre-check=0");

This what I did to make it work, there is probably an easier way that doesn't involve editing the php.ini. Maybe something for a future update?

- mlf_fan

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