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by needhelp338 @, Saturday, April 21, 2007, 07:11 (5264 days ago)

I have a few questions, wonder if some of the veterans here can help.

1) The pinned up post or sticky note feature - right now once you pin something to the top, it will show up in the ALL CATEGORIES forum. Is there a way to configure the script so that if you want to FIX a thread to the top, it will only show up at the top for the forum where it belongs and not show up in the ALL CATEGORIES forum ?

2) Can we install TWO seperate "my little forum" on the same domain? Basically will it create a conflict if I have TWO seperate forums on the same domain?

3) Can we disable the private email feature so that forum members cannot secretly email each other?

4) Not important, but just curious. Can I import existing posts I have in a php based forum into MyLittleForum? I am presently using DCforum+, it's a mySQL php based forum. It would be nice if I can import all the existing threads and posts into MyLittleForum so that I can maintain the continuity of discussions.....

Last but not least, I am not sure if it is appropriate to mention here. I have absolutely NO computer programming or coding knowledge whatsoever. I wonder if someone is interested in doing some consulting work for me for a fee ? Basically I just want to modify the script a little bit, but again I don't know how.

My email is

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