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by Milo ⌂ @, Thursday, April 19, 2007, 05:15 (4910 days ago) @ Milo


Btw: "he posting contains at least one not accepted word" if I don't know the word, it's a bad comment :(

The Problem ist HTML-Code like a link:

 < a href="#" ...>

It is mutch better to see the not accepted word now! Thx

function getID(str){
// new RegExp(/id=(d.+)/g)
var r = new RegExp(/id=(d+)/g).exec(str);
return r!=null&&r.length>=2?r[1]:r;

The return-statment is correctly:

return r!=null&&r.length>=2?r[1]:null;

I only tested this functions on this list of responses...

cu Micha

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