Spam protection (General)

by Felix Riesterer ⌂ @, Germany, Monday, July 03, 2006, 14:37 (5880 days ago) @ Alex

Hi Alex!

I use your "my little forum" script on our school's website and I like it!

About SPAM... I'm using a certain mechanism in my own guestbook script which always forces you to a first preview before it would accept any entries. I've only implemented a static hidden field which is only sent together with the preview page so no automated script (aka "bot" ) can "know" it needs to be posted, too, before the sent data will be accepted.

This mechanism can be refined by using a session ID to check and change the input's name attribute so no bot can re-use a posted form to spam a guestbook/forum/form mailer etc. because it "knows" about this hidden input field (and the name in it)...

What do you think about this mechanism? Could it help solve your problem?

Greetings from Ellwangen (Jagst) in Germany,

Felix Riesterer


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