Negative time in latest postings (Bugs)

by Øyvind Ål ⌂ @, Norway, Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 14:29 (4136 days ago) @ Alex

Hm, strange! I'm sorry I have no idea how this happened!

I noticed that the server of my host is 33 minutes late. After the 33 minutes are passed the feed starts at 1 minute.

In the advanced settings you can set default_view=1 (and fold_threads=1).

Yes, I noticed that, in the documentation it said that it wasn't currently supported, but it seems to be implemented. Thanks for that! :-)

Basically I want to be able to set all views as default: order, hierarchical or linear thread view etc.

PS. Alex, I sent the Norwegian language file to you, let me know if you doesn't receive it.

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